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Sorie Kargbo and Devin Cash are avid travel adventure seekers with a knack for logistics and curating events. Currently based in the DC Metro Area, We operate under the title    @HeadStartEntertainment curating various events for clients across the country while also continuously expanding our travel knowledge, tips, and tricks. 



  • A group travel experience that places you into the middle of your favorite TV adventure gameshow! Work your way through mazes, city-wide scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, go-kart races, rock climbing, and more! Work with your team to win the competition overall. This is competition in its purest form. 

  • We are not responsible for any questioned friendships as a result of this trip

Group Trip Planning:

  • Let me help you plan your next birthday trip, spring break, bachelor party, or girls/guys trip!

  • We will work closely together to create a trip that is easy to navigate while staying within your designated budget

  • Ex. 

    • You & 9 friends want to go to Miami for spring break, but you don't want to worry about too much during the trip besides having fun!​

    • We will work together to make your trip as "all-inclusive" & as seamless as possible. All while staying within your designated budget!

    • We will develop a payment plan together that will fit your groups needs

    • All you have to do is show up and enjoy Spring Break!

Solo Travel Planning:

  • Want to go out and explore, but don't know exactly where to go? You and I can create a personal itinerary that will leave you completely satisfied with the destination of your choosing

  • Hit all of the best local spots in town and connect with the locals themselves

  • Get lost with purpose


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